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Time to start feeling like you again

Are you tired of feeling tired? Does looking in a full-length mirror sometimes make you feel dejected?

If you want to take off some weight — and keep it off! — while rediscovering fitness and verve, Redefining All Diets will get you back on track. It’s time to tackle this issue once and for all with a program that you can incorporate into a permanent life change for the better. Contact Rachel to gain that healthy glow.

About Me

Hi, I'm Rachel. A Wellness Coach with a particular passion for transforming unhealthy restaurant dishes into delicious, healthy home cooked meals, I love transforming clients’ lives with one-on-one coaching to help them achieve health and fitness goals. I rediscovered my own love for fitness and I felt great moving between my corporate IT desk job to actual obstacle course races.

Let me guide to you as you find the healthy balance between work and play by incorporating the principles of the Redefining All Diets program into your life. You’ll find the fun in feeling and looking better!


Try the Clean, Burn, Shape

Kale Salad

If you're reading this page right now, you're in the right place! I'm sure you feel like you have tried every diet out there, as well as a cleanse or two, and still haven't seen the long-lasting results you are looking for. Or have you just had enough of feeling sick and tired after eating?

Look no further! Orenda's Clean, Burn, and Shape cleanse is the perfect way to give your body a reboot! In 10 days, you can go from feeling exhausted with no energy to feeling alive and full of energy. The best part about this cleanse is that you still get to eat real food. Check out my Recipes to see some of the delicious foods that you can enjoy!