Redefining All Diets

Are you so caught up with life that you can barely even catch a break to put food on the table?

Maybe you end up going to a restaurant, doing take-out, or whatever you find most convenient for you.

Although these are easy choices, they’re not always the best decision for your wallet, your body, or your family.

With Redefining All Diets, I recognize that your health and time matter.

For this reason, it’s important to think conscientiously about the foods that go on your family’s plates.

When you put everything else above your health, it begins to suffer.

You can’t be the mom, wife, sister, friend, or whatever you want to be from an empty tank.

Food can be your biggest asset towards health, or cause the biggest destruction to your body.

It’s what nourishes you, affects the way you think, feel, and believe your reality to be.

I totally get it. We’re all busy people.

Meal planning can be stressful, time consuming, and difficult.

Why not simplify all of that, and save time with Redefining All Diets?

Simply share your favorite meals with me, and I’ll do the rest!

Experience a smooth week, and take comfort in knowing that everything is planned out in advance.

Not to worry if you have any food sensitivities or allergies –I’ve got you!

All of my recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free!

There is no one size fits all diet, so we plan what works for you, your family, and your life!

Here’s what you get when you meal plan with Redefining All Diets:

  • A 60 minute consultation to go over your health related goals and the meals you would like to prepare

  • Easy meal ideas for any meal of the day

  • Homemade healthy recipes to cook with your family

  • A shopping list for all of the ingredients for the week

  • Modifications of your favorite take-out dishes that are gluten AND dairy-free!

  • Dessert ideas with no added sugar!

  • All of this wrapped up in PDF documents to share with your family and friends

Each meal plan is personalized just for you and your needs all for for $75.


When Rachel first told me she was getting involved with Health Coaching, I was ecstatic. Rachel and I have been working on her fitness for the past four years, and she has grown immensely. She is constantly working to improve herself so she can help others, and I’m looking forward to hearing about her success. She understands the bigger picture, and will be an excellent addition to this awesome industry.
— Alex Courtney, CEO and Co-Founder - Twice As Fit Squared
The interview/analysis that Rachel Duxler conducted with me after my completion of the Women’s Health History questionnaire was life-changing! It was clear that Rachel was well-versed in nutrition and behaviors affecting health and well being, but she also demonstrated a rare capacity that combined professionalism and warmth. She was a great listener and thoughtfully evaluated my responses before responding — a perfect example of active listening. She was persuasive and considerate when making recommendations for lifestyle changes and her knowledge of her field, interpersonal sensitivity, and analysis of my particular needs and challenges inspired me to immediately embark on those changes, which I’m certain will improve my health and well-being and therefore, every aspect of my life.
— Dr. Margot D, Clinical Psychologist
As Rachel’s parents, we’re proud of how she has taken her life into another direction from IT to Health Coaching. It’s a matter of following your passion. Healthy eating and helping others is a gift that Rachel possesses. We believe she will be successful in helping others achieve a healthy way of life and nutrition. We can honestly say it’s rubbing off onto us too. You really know and understand what it takes. We are so proud of you. Since you’ve taken this path, you have grown into a beautiful and accomplished woman.
— Robert and Sheri Duxler