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Are you waking up every morning for your work alarm feeling exhausted before you even start the day? Whether you have a morning call or need to get your kids off to school, you frantically get out of bed and start getting ready for the day feeling bombarded by the needs of everyone else. After that, you autonomously reach for that first cup of coffee upon waking as you get into work as you question how the hell you even drove to the office.

Upon arriving to the office, you are bombarded with back to back meetings until lunch. You eat at your desk during your lunch to get some extra work done before you have a few more meetings in the afternoon.

Before you know it, its 2:30 pm and you’re ready to crash. It feels like in your mind you want the day to be over, but it’s maybe halfway done. You’re aching to go home, but you have a few hours left before you feel like it’s acceptable to go home. So you go back to the kitchenette and go get a second cup of coffee to get you through the afternoon.

Now, it’s 5 pm at the very earliest and you might have put in an extra hour to get “ahead” for the next day full of the same thing. You finally get to leave the office. Ah yes, the feeling of freedom! You get to go attend that workout class you always wanted to go to.

But wait, on your way home your kid needs to be picked up from an after school activity and your significant other asks you to get some takeout on the way home too. You reluctantly agree because you’re way too damn tired to cook and clean the mess left behind. 

Dinner’s all done, easy peasy. Now you choose to spend time with your family since you haven’t seen them all day. It’s time for bed and you totally forgot a last minute document you need to turn in for your meeting the next morning. You finish the document and cozy on into bed and watch a round of Netflix before passing out in your bed with the TV on.

Do you experience something like this on a day to day basis? If you answered, yes, I know exactly how you feel. This was me for the first 25 years of my life. I was living my life with no sense of purpose, doing things for everyone else, and totally forgetting about my own needs.

I felt like I was powering through my day only to get by, leaving me fatigued, brain fog, difficulty focusing on tasks, and a whole slew of gut issues. I started feeling discomfort when eating foods like gluten and dairy that I had been eating my whole life with seemingly no issues.

I couldn’t do the things I loved doing that brought me joy because I was so exhausted from the responsibilities of life weighing me down, which made me feel disconnected from everything around me. Long story short, I burnt out at the age of 25. I thought to myself, “Hell no. I am way too young to burnout. I have my whole life ahead of me.” 

Instead of running back to my bedside to throw another sob story, I decided to make a massive shift. I decided that the stories of my past no longer have to be my stories of today. I decided that I can have the time I need to have for myself so I can be of service for others. I felt a calling to take inspired action from this feeling because there are so many people out there suffering with this way of living.

One year later, I am now a Life Coach and graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am on a mission to help families bring food back into the kitchen and have time to take care of themselves. It’s time we take our lives back into our own hands (and kitchens) to do what makes us feel lit up every single day. Is it easy? Not a chance, but by taking small right action steps every day, it leads us to the biggest goal of all: Overall Well-Being and sense of fulfillment in our lives.

How would it feel to be:

  • Connected
  • Joy
  • Energized
  • Fulfilled
  • Loved
  • Confident
  • Inspired

It is possible for us to have all of these if we decide we can. It takes the right type of person that is ready to step out of their comfort zone, go where they have never gone before, and feel how they have never felt. And those are just a few of the ways you get to feel from working with me as a health coach.


  • A 3 month coaching package with 6 bi-weekly 50 minute coaching calls in person or Skype/Zoom to stay focused and on target
  • 6 week coaching packages also available with 3 bi-weekly 50 minute coaching calls in person or Skype/Zoom
  • Support from me and the community in the Facebook group here
  • Access to email from me and I'll respond within 24 hours
  • Recipes I post on the page and handouts/articles to help you along the way
  • Access to bonus recipes and cooking demos
  • Accountability to help you feel supported along the way

Why wait to feel your best now? Book a discovery call with me to see how I can help you reach your health and wellness goals today!



When Rachel first told me she was getting involved with Health Coaching, I was ecstatic. Rachel and I have been working on her fitness for the past four years, and she has grown immensely. She is constantly working to improve herself so she can help others, and I’m looking forward to hearing about her success. She understands the bigger picture, and will be an excellent addition to this awesome industry.
— Alex Courtney, CEO and Co-Founder - Twice As Fit Squared
The interview/analysis that Rachel Duxler conducted with me after my completion of the Women’s Health History questionnaire was life-changing! It was clear that Rachel was well-versed in nutrition and behaviors affecting health and well being, but she also demonstrated a rare capacity that combined professionalism and warmth. She was a great listener and thoughtfully evaluated my responses before responding — a perfect example of active listening. She was persuasive and considerate when making recommendations for lifestyle changes and her knowledge of her field, interpersonal sensitivity, and analysis of my particular needs and challenges inspired me to immediately embark on those changes, which I’m certain will improve my health and well-being and therefore, every aspect of my life.
— Dr. Margot D, Clinical Psychologist
As Rachel’s parents, we’re proud of how she has taken her life into another direction from IT to Health Coaching. It’s a matter of following your passion. Healthy eating and helping others is a gift that Rachel possesses. We believe she will be successful in helping others achieve a healthy way of life and nutrition. We can honestly say it’s rubbing off onto us too. You really know and understand what it takes. We are so proud of you. Since you’ve taken this path, you have grown into a beautiful and accomplished woman.
— Robert and Sheri Duxler