What is Self Acceptance?

What does self-acceptance mean?

It means loving every part of yourself whole heartedly for every thought, feeling, and action you make.

It means forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes.

It means owning up to your bull shit stories holding you back and learning from them through the lens of gratitude.

It’s respecting yourself enough to know your worth, regardless of what is projected at you.

This is all with a deeper understanding that you are a soul living in this exterior shell, your body.

You entered the physical realm with a spiritual contract to achieve your soul’s deeper purpose far greater than anything tangible on this planet.

What about people who won’t accept you?

The most difficult lesson for many individuals including myself is allowing your worth to be based off OTHER’S acceptance.

While this can be a tough lesson to work through, it’s extremely important that you are the source for all of your happiness.

The controller to your life ALWAYS lies in your hands.

All of your thoughts, feelings, etc. are yours and yours only.

This means that someone else’s projections onto you are always his/her shit to deal with.

Does this include blood family too? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Yes, this is a tough one, I know. I’ve definitely been guilty on many occasions of going out of my way for people I deeply care about.

This was only to get doubt projected back at me or a giant emotionally unavailable guarded wall,

For too long, I’ve believed the doubt and the walls put up at me like my needs don’t matter.

Their doubt began mirroring the doubt that was never even mine in the first place.

Shift, much? Oh yes!!!

I’m calling out my own bull shit!

Why do I believe people’s projections of those that run on survival/reactive mode?

Even if they are people I deeply care about?

Sure, that served me before because the external validation from others that I was worthy made me feel “safe”.

Clearly, that isn’t the case anymore.

I am running a business and living my life in a way that I fall madly in love with more every day.

I don’t need anyone’s validation or permission for how I know I want to live my life.

And neither do you.

Nobody knows you better than you.

Here’s what you can take away from this:

You can’t change your blood family, but you can accept and love them as they are. Even if you do not agree with the way they want to live their life. This is where boundaries get to come in. Yay boundaries!

You can find a chosen family of souls who want to ride life along with you.

Those willing to pull you from the trenches just to see you smile!

Those people are the ones who make you feel powerful, alive, and free!

The ones who you can be your goofy, joyful, spontaneous, independent self without feeling judged.

You deserve the most amazing, divine relationships in all areas of your life.

But first, it starts with accepting yourself.

What is one thing that you can do today to start accepting yourself today and embracing your true, authentic self? I’d love to hear your responses below!

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