From an early age, I always had trouble paying attention in class, constantly falling asleep. I could barely even manage interacting with other people. Growing up, I ate tons of chips, pizza, ice cream, slushies, slim jims, and whatever salty-flavored crackers I could find! The stress continued as I went to college and so did my poor diet. Going into IT brought me into a more sedentary lifestyle, as well as worsening my eating and sleeping habits. By the time I turned 21, I had gained almost 20 pounds in a single semester. After I truly noticed all the weight I had gained over the summer, it was the first time I decided that I was going to make a change and begin to lose weight.

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Fast forward a couple of years: I developed a regular workout routine and was eating a lot less junk food, but I hit a plateau and was unable to lose any more than 10 pounds. Then, I got introduced to Orenda's Clean, Burn, Shape program by my trainer and my life changed forever from the first time I did the cleanse.

Not only did I lose 4 more pounds on the cleanse and a half-inch off my waist and hips right away, I got more interested in what was going into my body and began reading nutrition labels to see what’s really in my food. Best of all, I was easily able to part ways with alcohol and lost more than 10 additional pounds just by removing alcohol. I finally hit my goal weight!

Although I hit my goal weight, I still experienced chronic stress and sleep issues. I moved out of my parents’ place and began commuting to Chicago for work twice a week while working in the burbs the remaining days. I began experiencing adrenal exhaustion and it felt like I wasn’t sleeping at all. Then, I found my way back to Orenda and the Clean, Burn, Shape. I bought a manager pack because I wanted to get more involved and I was extremely satisfied with their products the first time around. I even did the cleanse a second time right before I attended their annual Lift Off event! I came back with the most support I've ever felt from a community of people in my entire life, renewed with a greater sense of presence and a greater inspiration to spread my message to the world. I am now on the path of recovery and healing of the inflammation…and sleep! I can't wait to see what's in store for me and for bringing the power of Orenda to you!

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