Have you ever taken the time to notice that your addictive patterns affect all areas of your life?

Typically, when one area is out of balance, the rest shortly follow.

One year ago...

  • I was at a job that didn't fulfill my soul
  • I felt energetically drained in all my relationships
  • I had late night cravings for sugar
  • I was not tuned into myself at all on a spiritual level
  • I had no energy to do anything I actually wanted to do
  • I was too burnt out to exercise and had to drop out from my pole dancing competition
  • My state of reality was in a constant state of anxiety and overwhelm

All my energy was going to everything else outside myself to make everyone else happy.

I was addicted to victimhood, feeling like I could not change my circumstances.

I felt trapped and like my soul was dying.

I was addicted to sharing my shitty stories and painful circumstances with my real friends because I was addicted to people who would devalue me and I would believe it.

I thought it was releasing the stories, but really it manifested them to continue.

When I felt unhappy with my job, I would come home and crave chocolate or ice cream.

I would seek validation of my worth from other people and circumstances.

I would depend my worth on saving people that were close to me from their own shitty stories who didn't want to make the necessary changes in their life to do so.

Clearly, you can see where I am going with this.

I was not living the life I wanted and used addictions to numb what was truly going on inside myself.

I wanted a life full of fulfillment but was not willing to do the work.

I was addicted to playing small and it spread all over my life like a wildfire.

When I made the conscious decision to own my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs I've been sharing, I no longer bleed shitty stories to my friends.

Here's what my life looks like today:

  • I commit daily to self-care and tuning into how I want to show up daily
  • I have a career I am deeply inspired by that I created myself from the ground-up
  • I exercise healthfully and in an aligned way for my body
  • I have the energy for the activities I desire to do
  • I speak my truth unapologetically
  • I set boundaries with people in my life that lower my energy
  • I no longer take on other's projections of their doubts and fears onto me
  • I no longer crave sugar daily
  • I have manifested more friends that enjoy like-minded activities

I am my own person and the source of my happiness.

All because I decided to commit to showing up fully expressed every single day while doing the inner work to clear my addictive patterns. 

My life feels more balanced in a way that suits my needs and wants above all else.

My life is extremely fulfilling and allows me to travel all over the country spreading my message to all whom I encounter. 

Now, I can teach you what I have done over the past few years to help you better manage your addictive patterns once and for all.

In 4 weeks, I will teach you:

  • How to identify your addictive patterns in all areas of your life
  • Discover the root cause of where these patterns manifested
  • Healthy hacks and recipe swaps for your favorite take-out recipes
  • Setting healthy boundaries and speaking your truth
  • Owning who you are and accepting yourself right now
  • How to have a healthy relationship with food
  • How to feel more in control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • How your addictive patterns show up in all areas of your life and how they are connected
  • Create a plan of action to bring your life into harmony in a way that works for you

You will also receive:

  • Weekly Module Trainings
  • A private Facebook group with lifetime access
  • A workbook with journal prompts for each week
  • 2 30-minute 1:1 calls
  • 2 Q&A sessions

The course begins on July 16th and goes until August 13th. Spots are limited to 10 people.

If you feel ready to change your life to live full of joy and freedom, there are 3 ways to join me:

2 monthly payments of $555

Need a more affordable way to pay? 12 Monthly payments of $111

** Get a free bonus 30-minute 1:1 with me if you pay in full

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“The interview/analysis that Rachel Duxler conducted with me after my completion of the Women’s Health History questionnaire was life-changing! It was clear that Rachel was well-versed in nutrition and behaviors affecting health and well being, but she also demonstrated a rare capacity that combined professionalism and warmth. She was a great listener and thoughtfully evaluated my responses before responding — a perfect example of active listening. She was persuasive and considerate when making recommendations for lifestyle changes and her knowledge of her field, interpersonal sensitivity, and analysis of my particular needs and challenges inspired me to immediately embark on those changes, which I’m certain will improve my health and well-being and therefore, every aspect of my life.

— Dr. Margot D, Clinical Psychologist
“I work in a very high-stress career. I often times pour more into my work than I have to give. For a long time, I wasn’t taking care of my emotional or physical self. I wasn’t sleeping through the night, I gained weight, and overall felt depressed. Which is not me. I have always been a high energy person. Rachel’s passion to help inspire overall health motivated me to take my life back. She helps people become the best versions of themselves. She helps heal the soul as well as help stimulate a healthy lifestyle.
— Anita Samatas, Financial Planner - Northwestern Mutual