Have you tried every weight loss plan in the books, but nothing seems to stick?

Are you sick of having low energy and experiencing inflammation from the foods you eat?

I get it! I experienced inflammation and weight gain for 21 years!

I tried tons of workout plans and weight loss routines. 


With food at every corner, it is easy to pick up a meal fro a take-out joint and go about your day.

Nothing seemed to work until I made the commitment to focus my life on my health and my diet.

At the verge of being ready to give up on my dreams of being the healthy person I always dreamed of, I decided to surrender instead and ask for support.

I learned that every body is different. 

I learned that losing weight and keeping it off is more than simply changing your diet and exercise plan.

It's a permanent lifestyle change.

It has different needs for how to eat, exercise, and take care of itself. I started putting my health first and not letting life's excuses prevent me from obtaining the health I truly desire.

I dropped the need to go on a diet and cooked up healthier, delicious recipes that reminded me of my childhood favorite dishes.

Most of all, I removed alcohol from my weekend routine.

Before I knew it, 6 years later, I was in the best shape of my life and have removed over 30 lbs off my waistline.

My gut feels healthier at 27 than in my teens and early 20's.

My energy and metabolism have greatly increased!

I'm sleeping more than 2-3 hours at a time per night!

Guess what?! I have been able to keep it off and now I get to teach you my ways of healthy sustainable weight loss!

This means:

  • No diets
  • No calorie counting
  • No strict exercise routines
  • All recipes are gluten-free AND dairy-free

I do what feels good for my body on a daily basis in all areas of my life.

I no longer push myself to exercise every day to exhaustion only for my happiness to depend on the scale's number.

I have the energy to do all of the activities I want to do every single day without feeling fatigued or out of breath.

I feel more supported than ever and I want to provide that to you as you go through your journey.

That's why I'm starting the Get Healthy for Summer Challenge

It starts April 23rd and runs until june 18th

In 8 weeks, you will be feeling your happiest, healthiest, most balanced self. Just in time for summer!

What does this challenge include?

  • 8 weeks of support from me in a private Facebook group
  • Weekly live trainings on food, lifestyle, and mindset 
  • 2 Q&A sessions to pick my brain about any lifestyle advice
  • Weekly journal prompts to help you along for the challenge all wrapped up in an easy to read workbook
  • Access to cooking demos
  • PDFs of all the [new] recipes I've shared and create for each week throughout the challenge
  • 30 easy, healthy recipes that I've created to get you started

You get this for an all time low price of $79!

Looking for custom meal plans? You can add that on if you want next-level support!

I offer pantry makeovers as well if you are looking to release foods that are holding you back.

If you add both of these on, I'll throw in a FREE 1:1 coaching call with me as a bonus!

The level of commitment is up to you! Get ready to rock that summer body with confidence!

What are you waiting for? Join the party here!


When Rachel first told me she was getting involved with Health Coaching, I was ecstatic. Rachel and I have been working on her fitness for the past four years, and she has grown immensely. She is constantly working to improve herself so she can help others, and I’m looking forward to hearing about her success. She understands the bigger picture, and will be an excellent addition to this awesome industry.
— Alex Courtney, CEO and Co-Founder - Twice As Fit Squared
The interview/analysis that Rachel Duxler conducted with me after my completion of the Women’s Health History questionnaire was life-changing! It was clear that Rachel was well-versed in nutrition and behaviors affecting health and well being, but she also demonstrated a rare capacity that combined professionalism and warmth. She was a great listener and thoughtfully evaluated my responses before responding — a perfect example of active listening. She was persuasive and considerate when making recommendations for lifestyle changes and her knowledge of her field, interpersonal sensitivity, and analysis of my particular needs and challenges inspired me to immediately embark on those changes, which I’m certain will improve my health and well-being and therefore, every aspect of my life.
— Dr. Margot D, Clinical Psychologist
As Rachel’s parents, we’re proud of how she has taken her life into another direction from IT to Health Coaching. It’s a matter of following your passion. Healthy eating and helping others is a gift that Rachel possesses. We believe she will be successful in helping others achieve a healthy way of life and nutrition. We can honestly say it’s rubbing off onto us too. You really know and understand what it takes. We are so proud of you. Since you’ve taken this path, you have grown into a beautiful and accomplished woman.
— Robert and Sheri Duxler