So, you know what the usual sports coach does, right? They provide players with not only instruction about the actual requirements of the game, but tips on overall conditioning, nutrition and motivation. How about a vocal coach? She might introduce stretches for better posture, as well as visualization tricks to help the singer hit and hold notes.

Your own Health Coach will customize any aspect of your life that will help you adopt healthier habits and get real results. Anyone can grab or download a diet book and follow some basic instructions. But a Health Coach not only adapts food and nutrition options to fit your goals AND your lifestyle, but she identifies potential roadblocks to keep you on track and gives you ways to take them on.

More than just a cheerleader for weight loss (though that can be a fun part of the experience), your personal Health Coach guides you through a forest of choices so that you can make your lifestyle work for you! From grocery shopping trips to pantry makeovers, the guidance you get covers all the bases.

Changing up your diet doesn’t have to feel like a life sentence! Redefine how you look at food and find a new lease on life. Powerfully deal with the stressors in your life as you gain energy and confidence.

Finally get — and keep — the real weight loss, energy gain and life enhancements you crave. Get Rachel as your Health Coach today. You won’t feel deprived as she helps you learn to trade out delicious and satisfying food options that have more nutritional value, while you activate a sustainable life plan to get your spark and keep it.