Are you tired of your same routine every single day?

Whether you are a full-time entrepreneur, mom, or employee, you are tending to a schedule that you set for yourself.

pumpkin pie

How does it make you feel?  

Does it feel aligned or does it make you feel like something is missing?

You might be feeling on top of the world to “OMG I need to change something”!

What if you decided to change it up a little?

Your intuition has been calling for something new and it’s time you listened to it.

What if you decided to get out of your own way and get out of your comfort zone?

It would be something fun, invigorating, and to take your mind away from the stresses of the day.

Cook with Rachel

It’s a joyful way to connect with yourself and your family without the use of technology.

That meal you always wanted to learn how to prepare that was passed down for generations.

That recipe you found online that you are afraid to try on your own.

That deep desire to start adding cooking into your daily routine is calling your name.

You have been waiting to improve the health for you and your family, but need some extra guidance without having to go on a diet.

That’s where Cooking with Redefining All Diets comes in.

With over 6 years of self-taught cooking experience, I have transformed the way I live my life from the way I eat to the way I live.

I challenge myself every day to try new foods in order to expand my palette that I get to share with you.

It doesn’t feel like a chore to cook and that’s what I want to provide to you.

I get to help you make sustainable life changes that get to last long term.

And that’s only the beginning of what Redefining All Diets gets to offer for you!

Now, I get to teach you everything I learned about health and lifestyle over the past 6 years.

What do you get when you learn to cook with Redefining All Diets?

  • One hour cooking session with me where you provide me the recipe and I’ll teach you how to prepare it.
  • This can be done over Skype/Zoom. ** CONTACT ME FOR IN PERSON PRICING
  • Pick my brain about any healthy lifestyle tips you would like to learn about. I love hearing everyone’s questions!
  • A delicious, healthy, affordable home cooked meal for you and your family.
  • Challenging yourself to try something new and the feeling of accomplishment of cooking a meal from scratch.
  • A healthy addition to your lifestyle if you choose to continue cooking.
  • Time that you’ve always wanted for yourself that you get to invest on you.

The best part is you get all of this for only $97.  

This amazing offer will only last for a short period of time!

Want to see some of the recipes I enjoy preparing? Check out my 20 Intuitively Modified Recipes where everything is gluten-free AND dairy-free!

PS: What comes better in threes? If you buy a bundle of 3 cooking lessons from me, I will give you $40 off the 3rd cooking class. How does that feel?

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!



I’ve see Rachel grow into a model example of an ideal health coach, pulling from her own experiences. As a NASM certified personal trainer for 5+ years I’m very critical of others who are in the wellness field, but Rachel practices what she preaches. Her big heart, talent, enthusiasm and charisma makes her especially easy to partner with. Not to mention, she’s won me over with her amazing dishes. I’m so incredibly proud of how much she’s developed professionally and as a human being.
— Sydney Goldberg, Personal Trainer
“As a holistic physician it is extremely important to me that patients have access to healthy, clean, yummy, and easy to make recipes. Rachel has tuned her passion into her profession with her strong knack for turning everyone’s favorite foods into healthy alternatives! I can’t wait to see her continue on her journey of educating others on how to lead healthier lives.”
— Dr. Abby Kramer, DC