Why Am I Health Coaching?

Why am I health coaching? 
From a young age, I’ve struggled with all sorts of food addictions ranging from food and drugs due to lack of self worth. 
I would eat myself stuffed to numb my feelings of internal pain. After starting to have suicidal thoughts in 2012, I decided to change my life. 
I found my love of cooking and exercise. Suddenly, I started to feel liberated, free, and joyful. 
It was a way for me to be present while not thinking what was on my mind. 
I started sharing recipes and exercise tips to friends and co-workers. 
Before I knew it, I reached my goal weight. I felt strong, powerful, and confident. 
I was having so much fun doing all of that, I took off over 30 lbs and have kept it off ever since! 
When one of my mentors gave me the idea to get a health coaching certification, I was like “Hell yes!” 
I jumped right on it and signed up for the next available start date. 
I had no idea the school even existed, so it felt like a divine opportunity.
I get to teach people everything I’ve learned and get paid for it!
I learned a ton of valuable information in order to create the business of my dreams.
There are lots of people highly uneducated on healthy eating and living. 
I felt called to teach. It breaks my heart watching millions of innocent souls die from a completely preventable disease. 
I couldn’t watch it from my corporate desk job. I had to take action!
Even for those people aware of the education and are educated, they might have difficulty taking the proper action steps to step into their true desires.
I have had so many fantastic coaches and mentors that have guided me to where I am now.
My intention is to spread a ripple effect of healthy eating and living.
I want to share this story with the world because nobody has to suffer alone. 
You don’t have to suffer anymore. 
Bringing value to others who want to change their lives makes me feel like I’m making a difference and helping the planet.
Teaching others also helps me on my journey to hold myself accountable while staying true to my intuition.
Coaching helps me walk my talk and break my addictive patterns.
I get to teach about the journey I am going on and take my clients with me!
What could be more exciting than that?!
Coaching allows me to do things my way while having fun.
Oh, and the more fun I have, the more abundance I attract in my life. 
Coaching allows me to believe in myself. It gives me a reason to wake up and feel good.
I feel empowered, loved, supported, and grateful for following my dreams.
I get to unleash my creativity and my individuality.
Most of all, I feel connected to my soul! 
It sings the more lives I impact!
I am excited to share with you all I have to offer in 2018!

PS: Get ready for my first ever group coaching starting January 15th. Click here for more information!

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