What's Your Driver?

When I experienced Electric Forest in 2016, it was my first source of inspiration for changing my life.

It was far beyond any doings.

I never felt more alive than at the festival.

The lights are glistening from the warmth of the sun during the day.

The moon is beaming all the colors of the rainbow by night.

People dressed and acted freely.

Not a care in the world.

No plans to be made.

No fears to worry about.

Only pure, natural bliss is in the air.

People actually gave fucks about me and everyone around them.

Complete strangers came up to me and had deeper conversations than I ever at home.

Different music was surrounding me for miles all across the campgrounds and festival.

The music was my guide, keeping me present.

There were tons of nooks and crannies in the forest to explore.

I could get lost in there for hours!

My body flowed to the beat of the music, dancing as I please in and out of the crowd.

I had never experienced such open-mindedness.

Nor, had I ever felt the sensations of the purse, positive energy around me.

I have made some of my best friends in the EDM scene and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I returned home and my life was not the same.

Everything else was though.

I came back with a new sense of empathy and compassion.

My quest for adventure has been unleashed.

At the time, I had just reached my goal weight and found ways of exercising to help balance anxiety.

Electric forest was the first time I went and did something out of my set childhood boundaries.

An abundance of inspiration rushed through my body.

My health improved over the years and I stopped getting sick as much.

I found new passions for cooking and exercising that improved my gut health tremendously.

With my unique cooking style, the birth of Redefining All Diets was here to stay.

I wanted to pay it forward because I could see the faces of suffering surrounding my environment.

My family, friends, and colleagues were becoming sicker, which is heartbreaking for me.

At Electric Forest, I realized how much I was living.

Why can’t life be like this all the time?

I learned that it absolutely could.

It was my “ah ha!” moment.

I wanted myself and others to experience pure bliss & wellness.

To drop the people pleasing.

Most of all, to value the fuck out of themselves enough to enjoy the moment of what’s in front of them.

I found joy in the interactions with strangers that I wanted to do this all the time.

To learn about others outside myself.

To push my own BS aside for a minute to show others how safe they are even in their perceived chaos.

To have others experience unconditional love they might not get from anyone else.

Most importantly of all, to help people take their MF life back and live a life full of health and abundance on their terms.

That, in itself, is my driver while cooking, exercise, and charisma are my tools to guide me to the life of my dreams.

Watch this video below I shared live on my personal Facebook page on what fires me up to live my best life.