What is Family?

What is family?

Family is unconditional love. Family is a person or group of people who love and accept every part of you. They love the good with the bad. Family tells you when you are out of alignment because they want the best for you and are willing to give you tough love when you need it. Family allows you to be yourself without judgment.

They make you feel good in the sense of raising your life source energy. They listen to you with open eyes, ears, and heart. They respect your boundaries and vice versa. They give you that warm, full body tingling sensation with a light feeling in your body.

That’s true joy!

There are so many people that have limiting beliefs on what family is because of the conditioning they had as a child. It’s not their fault, but now, they are left to live with these misconceived notions.

What if your perception on what your family is was skewed from a young age?

You believe that you have to go through the pits of hell with your family for love. You believe that blood family is love no matter what and accept dysfunctional, unacceptable behavior from loved ones. You fear doing anything “out of the ordinary” because it doesn’t align to your family’s limiting beliefs. You do things you feel obligated to do out of love in fear of projected guilt/shame from loved ones. Your boundaries don’t exist because they are overstepped. You don’t act like yourself to avoid conflict and difficult conversations.

As a result, you burn out. As a result, you get sick and live with trying to live the standards that are not yours. You’ve suffered for a long time and are ready to have a better, happier life.

This is what I’ve been conditioned to believe. And now I get to shift my perception!

That’s not family, even though you grew up with them. Maybe it’s your friend, a significant other, or a coworker. Anywhere it shows up for you is where you get to learn to love yourself more.

You cannot save anyone or change anyone else. You can only change yourself.

It’s difficult to face that reality, but the best thing you get to do for yourself is be happy.

Smile. Laugh until you cry. Be touched by a heartwarming video. Whatever makes your heart sing.

Fuck other people’s standards! You are in charge of your life.

You are not the projections of your loved ones or anyone else for that matter.

You get to surround yourself with people who light you up.

And most of all, you get to have the difficult conversations of saying no.

You are always allowed to say no.

They will fight back, but you are confident enough to stand your ground.

You are worthy of doing what you want that makes you happy.

You deserve to be treated with respect.

You get to release people who are no longer serving you, even if it’s your “loved ones.”

You are worthy of being heard and understood.

You are enough just the way you are. Nobody else can take that away from you.

Don’t let them. You are stronger and more confident than you ever realize.

Never give up because your desires live on the other side of fear.

Your tribe is out there. Keep looking!

This is a lesson I am learning right now and I get to teach on this as part of my journey.

Are you looking to set your bull shit aside and become the new, confident you that you have always wanted to become? I’d love to work with you 1:1 and see how I can guide you to fulfilling your life-long dreams!