My name is Rachel and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. This is my personal weight loss transformation. These two pictures of me represent two very different people. The person on the left was from 2012. She was in college, her diet consisted of lean cuisines and food from a box, and she wasn’t sleeping very well due to all the hours spent on homework. She was extremely stressed and was not incorporating anything to stimulate relaxation to help counteract the poor diet and lack of sleep. Every weekend, she would go out partying and eat more food afterwards, followed by repeating the whole cycle again. She was tired all the time, bloated, and overall unhappy with her life.

The person on the right is me 5 years later. I graduated college, and learned how to incorporate a better diet and exercise into my busy lifestyle while working a full time job. The month after the first picture was taken; I decided to change my diet and lifestyle.  First, I started reading food blogs and learning how to make recipes on my own. My energy increased, my metabolism increased, and my mood improved. I lost the first few lbs and I couldn’t stop there. I brought exercise into my routine finding movements that I love doing on a regular basis. I started incorporating self-care into my routine such as daily journaling and meditation.  This has helped decrease my stress levels, which has helped drastically improve my sleep. I began prioritizing my tasks and living each day with a purpose and intention. Not only that, but I managed to lose over 30 lbs doing this and have kept it off for over 5 years.

As a health coach, I want to use my transformation as an inspiration to help people achieve the same results that I have. By working with me, I will change the way you think about diets by nourishing your mind, body, and soul with delicious, healthy foods on and off the plate. Be able to eat delicious foods guilt-free! Forget about those diets that eliminate everything you ever loved about eating. I will change the way you look at changing the way you eat. Find the flavor and the fun in making healthier choices.With my background in corporate IT, I know how a demanding work environment can make staying healthy a challenge. Whether you sit in front of a computer all day or run in and out of constant meetings, I apply real-life experience to integrating good eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits with the strenuous schedule of a full-time, high-stress job. Do you have a busy lifestyle and need help incorporating better habits into your routine? Message me to find out how I can help transform your life today!