The Connection Between Exercise and Entrepreneurship

Exercising has taught me many lessons about my business.

I never realized how much everything is connected.

When I first started my journey, it felt frustrating.

I felt like it was a struggle to get in shape.

It felt impossible like it would never happen.

What kept me going is accountability, mentors, and knowing deep down that’s what I truly wanted.

What kept me going was that small voice in the background saying “You can do it!” “This is what you want. Don’t give up!” when the voice saying “You suck and will never be as fit as your peers” was in the foreground.

There were plenty of times it felt like it wasn’t working and I was ready to throw in the towel.

I kept going.

Every fall and mistake was motivation for me to get back up again.

Each setback was an opportunity to give myself some grace.

Nothing happened overnight.

Each day, I took a step in the right direction of finding a diet and exercise regime that works for me.

Finally, I found something that lit up my heart and soul

Every day, I wake up excited for the food I get to enjoy and moving my body.

This is how my business gets to be.

It has felt the same emotionally as getting in shape.

Now, at 27, I’m in the best shape of my life and healthier than I was in my early and mid-20s.

My business is another part of my journey.

Now, I get to go big and teach all that I’ve learned about improving my health in the last 6 years.

My business and my life integrate.

My health is my wealth.

My business will not happen overnight.

Every day is an opportunity for forgiveness and acceptance for all the times I was hard on myself.

My health is my opportunity to give back to all those people suffering with gut issues.

I wake up every day excited to expand on who I was the day before.

I get stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.

When a launch is unsuccessful, I get a chance to look within instead of needing outside validation for what didn’t work.

Getting in shape has been my outside validation to myself that I can achieve whatever the fuck I want to in my life.

Going within and allowing my dark thoughts to come to light is the internal validation that I can overcome any adversity in my life.

I have made the seemingly impossibly become my reality.

And now I get to do that in my business.

I get to do this in EVERY aspect of my life because it is all connected.

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