New Year

Reflective Part 2

Reflective Part 2

We are in the last month of 2018!

A lot has happened for me this year for better or for worse.

I made < $5k so far in 2018 in my business.

I invested every last ounce of money I saved up in my health.

Why did this happen?

I spent the majority of 2018 living in fear and escaping every chance I had.

  • With food

  • With substances

  • With working more

All my offers were ridden with doubt, but a small voice kept saying “be patient and don’t give up!”



2017 is officially over. I am taking these moments to reflect on everything I have learned in the past year.

It has been a year of many life changes.

Many of which I would say was far out of my comfort zone.

I decided to make these changes in my life because I am committed to expanding my consciousness.

This will help me live my life happier, healthier, and with a greater purpose.

I have been evaluating every area of my life to see how to balance my life.

It’s time to get honest with myself here.