Mind and Body Connection

Why Did I Start Cooking?

Why Did I Start Cooking?

Cooking was not always something that came natural to me. 

As a child, I naturally wanted to be in the kitchen.

I loved the smell of food.

I was curious about the connection of food from farm to table.

I enjoyed using my hands to create things.

Naturally, I loved watching my mom cook and wanted to learn myself.

However, my mom always shooed me out of the kitchen because of her own fears (My dad worked late so he was never home to cook).

Recognizing Mind and Body Awareness

Recognizing Mind and Body Awareness

What does it feel like to have full body awareness?

It could be a sensation in your gut.

It could be your mind feeling triggered from that car cutting you off in traffic.

Whatever it may be, your body and mind are always talking to you even if you don’t listen to it.

When these signals are being transferred from that point of our body, our mind will chime in and think up a feeling associated with this signal.

Improving the Mind and Gut Connection

Improving the Mind and Gut Connection

For the past year and a half, I have made a choice to greatly reduce gluten, dairy, and added sugars from my diet.

My whole life, I indulged on junk food.

Whether it was chips and dip, pizza, or any fast food burger joint, it went into my body.

There were no regards for my diet whatsoever.

Junk food was a way for me to cope with the stress that was occurring around family-related matters as a child.

When I felt worthless or powerless about expressing myself freely to my family, I would go to food.