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Why Did I Start Cooking?

Why Did I Start Cooking?

Cooking was not always something that came natural to me. 

As a child, I naturally wanted to be in the kitchen.

I loved the smell of food.

I was curious about the connection of food from farm to table.

I enjoyed using my hands to create things.

Naturally, I loved watching my mom cook and wanted to learn myself.

However, my mom always shooed me out of the kitchen because of her own fears (My dad worked late so he was never home to cook).

The Connection Between Exercise and Entrepreneurship

The Connection Between Exercise and Entrepreneurship

Exercising has taught me many lessons about my business.

I never realized how much everything is connected.

When I first started my journey, it felt frustrating.

I felt like it was a struggle to get in shape.

It felt impossible like it would never happen.

What kept me going is accountability, mentors, and knowing deep down that’s what I truly wanted.

What kept me going was that small voice in the background saying “You can do it!” “This is what you want. Don’t give up!” when the voice saying “You suck and will never be as fit as your peers” was in the foreground.

My Dream Body

My Dream Body

I used to think in order to get my “dream body”, I had to work out extremely hard every single day and drastically restrict my diet.

I would feel guilty every time I have a cheat meal to the point where I wouldn’t enjoy the foods I love.

I woke up at 5:30 am to workout before work regardless of what my body told me to do.

I watched the scale and would freak out when my weight went up.

I cleansed multiple times a year to “remove all the toxins from the unhealthy food”

I was not listening to myself at all.

I was taking life so seriously.

It felt like maintaining my body was an ego trip.

Most of all, I had the body I desired and still hated my body.

Improving the Mind and Gut Connection

Improving the Mind and Gut Connection

For the past year and a half, I have made a choice to greatly reduce gluten, dairy, and added sugars from my diet.

My whole life, I indulged on junk food.

Whether it was chips and dip, pizza, or any fast food burger joint, it went into my body.

There were no regards for my diet whatsoever.

Junk food was a way for me to cope with the stress that was occurring around family-related matters as a child.

When I felt worthless or powerless about expressing myself freely to my family, I would go to food.

Reflections From Portland

Reflections From Portland

Every day, I learn how important it is to take care of myself.  

It’s more than doing the fun activities.

How we think, feel, and act during those activities determines the level of self-care.

Pushing yourself past the point of exhaustion is not self-care.

Thinking/evaluating past interactions or the future of what still has to be done during pleasurable moments is also not self-care.

I learn that more every single day.

Running a business has been a roller coaster of emotions and learning to deal with everything that has not been healed.

Many lessons have been and will be learned, which is a crucial part of life’s experience.

One Step At a Time

One Step At a Time

Do you feel like you want to go from 0 to 100 in every aspect of your life?

You feel like you want a quick fix to everything.

It can range from having a meal ready for you immediately before you need to go to your next activity.

It can be losing those last 10 lbs in a week.

It can be having your business blow up overnight.

Whatever it is, it takes time to get there and tons of support.