Reflective Part 2

Reflective Part 2

We are in the last month of 2018!

A lot has happened for me this year for better or for worse.

I made < $5k so far in 2018 in my business.

I invested every last ounce of money I saved up in my health.

Why did this happen?

I spent the majority of 2018 living in fear and escaping every chance I had.

  • With food

  • With substances

  • With working more

All my offers were ridden with doubt, but a small voice kept saying “be patient and don’t give up!”

Am I a Fraud? Part 2

Am I a Fraud? Part 2

Over the past year, I have learned so much about starting a business and how our past tends to creep up on us. When you decide to step into leadership and personal development, everything you thought you had worked through tends to come to the surface and could hinder you on your journey. The best thing you can do is love yourself, enjoy the ride, and remember the bigger picture when the shit comes up. You are not your past. Keep shining!

The Connection Between Exercise and Entrepreneurship

The Connection Between Exercise and Entrepreneurship

Exercising has taught me many lessons about my business.

I never realized how much everything is connected.

When I first started my journey, it felt frustrating.

I felt like it was a struggle to get in shape.

It felt impossible like it would never happen.

What kept me going is accountability, mentors, and knowing deep down that’s what I truly wanted.

What kept me going was that small voice in the background saying “You can do it!” “This is what you want. Don’t give up!” when the voice saying “You suck and will never be as fit as your peers” was in the foreground.

My Experience as a Food Vendor

My Experience as a Food Vendor

You did not create your business to struggle, be exhausted, and make no money.

Maybe it’s your mindset. Maybe it’s because you’re not fully clear on what you want yet and you are being guided closer to it with every experience. Maybe you’re saying one thing, but doing another.

Whatever that may be for you, I’ve definitely been guilty of all 3. And I learned that again today.

Yes, creating a business is by no means a cake walk, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it.

I want to share this story with you from my experiences of my first vending expo in the hopes that you take a step back to celebrate your accomplishments and know that you get to make a huge impact in the world without riding the struggle bus.