Recognizing Mind and Body Awareness

What does it feel like to have full body awareness?

It could be a sensation in your gut.

It could be your mind feeling triggered from that car cutting you off in traffic.

Whatever it may be, your body and mind are always talking to you even if you don’t listen to it.

When these signals are being transferred from that point of our body, our mind will chime in and think up a feeling associated with this signal.

What I mean by this is let’s say you eat a cheeseburger.

You start eating it, and your taste buds give you a sensation to your brain: “This is yummy!”

However, deeper down, your gut says “Hey, this is not good for me.”

Your mind tricks you into continuing to eat it, which causes your gut to compensate in some way.

Say you eat cheeseburgers once a day for the next year, despite your gut not being pleased with your choice.

Your gut speaks louder now. Every time you eat it, you have to go to the bathroom mid meal and you feel bloated.

Another year goes by. You’re 20 lbs heavier, Your HDL cholesterol is low, you’re pre-diabetic, and diagnosed with IBS.

Catch my drift?

Whether you know it or not, your gut is sending you signals to your brain, regardless of whether or not the mind hijacks it.

You are fully responsible for your choices of what you put into your body in all areas of your life: relationships, media, career, etc.

You can choose sickness or health.

Given half a chance, when you work with your mind and body, the body can heal itself.

What will you choose?

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