One Step At a Time

Do you feel like you want to go from 0 to 100 in every aspect of your life?

You feel like you want a quick fix to everything.

It can range from having a meal ready for you immediately before you need to go to your next activity.

It can be losing those last 10 lbs in a week.

It can be having your business blow up overnight.

Whatever it is, it takes time to get there and tons of support.

You feel like you want to be superhuman and do all the things yourself while being unwilling to make any investments.

“It’s too expensive”

“I can’t afford it”

“I’m not getting the results I want fast enough”

These are a lot of the things that justify why you are not getting to the next level.

When things don’t happen fast, it can be easy to give up and put it to the wayside when life takes over.

I did not get my dream body overnight.

Same goes for my business.

It took me 22 years of struggling before I finally surrendered and asked for help with my fitness routine.

It seemed scary when I made my first $600 investment.

“OMG I’m spending so much money” was the first thought that popped through my head.

That’s because I never felt worthy of investing in myself due to the risks involved.

It seems like a lot of money up front, but I think of it as invest now or invest later (in medical bills/sick care).

When you invest, you give yourself access to tools that you can’t necessarily think of on your own.

You’re investing in someone with years of experience in their craft that wants to help you.

It gives you accountability and the willingness to show up.

You take the small action steps each day, which leads to the bigger picture.

It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

That’s what my intention is with my cooking course.

I want to make it affordable, reasonable, and provide as much value as possible that you would otherwise spend doing hours of research on.

I am providing 6 years of content and investments I’ve made in 6 weeks.

As a bonus, I’ve decided to give 40% off my crash course cooking.

On top of that, the first two people that sign up get a FREE 30 minute consultation with me.

If you’re looking to make the change in your health, now’s your chance.

Sign up today!


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