My Journey of My Body

I want to share a progress picture because I haven’t posted one in a while.

Or really at all for that matter.

The reason why I haven’t is that I’ve had a lot of confidence issues around my body regardless of my size.

In my earlier pictures like this one from 4 years ago, I didn’t even want to show my face because of all the shame I had around my body.

I was over 30 lbs heavier, which is a lot for a 5’2 frame.

“I’m fat!”
“I feel gross!”
“I’m too bloated!”

Whatever it was, I was never happy with my body.

I started my journey back over the summer in 2012 when I could no longer stand being in this “fat and ugly” body.

21 years of beating up my body with unhealthy food, alcohol, and self-abuse.

The world around me reflected the feeling I had of my body internally.

I thought that losing the weight and exercising would be enough to rid me of my body issues.

Boy, was I wrong!

Even at my smaller size and being in the best shape of my life, I still was not listening to my body.

I would get super high on pot, go out to eat on weekends, and overindulge.

Although my alcohol habit stopped, it transferred into pot.

In 2016, I started having more serious gut issues and I began feeling fatigued as well.

In 2017, I burnt out multiple times while growing my business, was not taking care of my body, and was losing weight.

I was at an all-time low weight. A weight I haven’t seen since 7th grade.

I felt like I was way too skinny, unhealthy, and had low energy.

Not until I’ve started appreciating all the hard (aligned and joyful) work I’ve done, have I fully embraced my body at my size.

This goes to every area of my life.

I will never have the “perfect body” or look like someone on the cover of a fitness magazine, but I love my perfectly imperfect body.

Stretch marks and all.

The more I take care of my body, the more energy I feel to be able to accomplish everything I’ve dreamed of.

My tiny body is a shell for my large message that I feel called to share about body confidence.

Now, I feel confident enough to show off my body in my pole outfits and to even perform on stage in front of hundreds of people in May.

It will be my 6 year anniversary of my journey.

As a health coach, my intention is to empower as many beautiful souls as possible to feel good in their body at any size to accomplish everything they want to in their lives.

I help you bust the blocks to what has been holding you back from achieving the life you know you get to have deep down.

This will always be a work in progress for me as I continue my journey as a soul in this body.

Everyone deserves to feel fucking fantastic, regardless of what’s going on around them externally.

And that’s how I choose to feel now and at every moment possible.

Are you looking to improve your body confidence? I’d love to work with you 1:1 to feel like the rockstar you are!

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Progress Picture