My Experience as a Food Vendor

You did not create your business to struggle, be exhausted, and make no money.

Maybe it’s your mindset. Maybe it’s because you’re not fully clear on what you want yet and you are being guided closer to it with every experience. Maybe you’re saying one thing, but doing another.

Whatever that may be for you, I’ve definitely been guilty of all 3. And I learned that again today.

Yes, creating a business is by no means a cake walk, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it.

I want to share this story with you from my experiences of my first vending expo in the hopes that you take a step back to celebrate your accomplishments and know that you get to make a huge impact in the world without riding the struggle bus.

Back on November 1st, I stumbled upon an amazing opportunity to be a vendor at an expo.

At first, I was super excited because I felt it was a great way to get my name out there in the community and showcase a lot of the cooking that I love to do.

That was only at the surface level. And that’s what I went into when signing up.

On the surface level, it felt aligned. But over time, I shifted to go deeper into what I really want out of my business.

When I look back at how I was feeling when I signed up, I was in a lack mindset.

I was in a place where I felt drained and trapped emotionally, and that’s exactly what happened.

Deep down, I thought it would be a great way to sell baked goods and make money while disregarding the connection piece with people almost completely.

I would do ANYTHING to desperately try to get myself out there because I felt worthless in every other area of my life.

I felt like the more money I would receive, the happier I would be to compensate for everything else.

Was this truly what I wanted?


I thought that vending would be a lot of fun getting to have people trying my food.

Which it always is, don’t get me wrong.

But I realized now that vending is no longer the path I want to take as a health coach.

It was LONG, HARD work, especially by myself.

No joke, I spent 13 hours preparing and packaging all the goods while getting < 3 hours of sleep.

This was all UNPAID.

I’m very thankful my loving parents sat with me the majority of the time and helped clean up the kitchen from all the food I made.

Seriously though, fuck that! Nothing anymore is worth putting myself through the ringer like that to be feeling like shit the next day.

I was in my head a lot while doing all of this while checking in constantly if this is what I really want.

It felt like I was trying to sell more than connect with people while telling people a short, generic sentence of what I do as a coach.

A lot of it felt very forced and inauthentic.

It was very busy and I feel like I put a lot of energy into this whole thing to not get the results I intended.

I felt like I was a sheep hoarder of trying to make sure nobody walked away without paying for the baked goods I prepared.

It felt VERY restrictive.

This is not how making money gets to feel.

There was already tons of free food around the expo, which made me feel like my baked goods were out of place.

I only sold maybe 5-6 of my muffins, while sampling a ton off.

The whole point of these expos is to connect with people and have them become a part of your community, which is exactly what I got to do.

People were extremely jazzed about all the healthy recipes I told them about, which made me feel good.

While I received ~50 emails, which I am super happy about, I feel there is an easier way to receive those emails from now on.

No joke, I heard the voice of Amanda Frances saying to me, “WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS SO DAMN HARD?!”

I made lots of wonderful connections I get to take away from the event and I get to trust the Universe that some pretty bad ass manifestations will occur due to vending at the expo.

However, at the end of the day, I felt drained, depleted, and cut off from my zone of joy.

I canceled on seeing my friends to go rock climbing because I felt like shit to instead take a 3-hour nap, eat dinner, write this blog, and go to sleep.

That’s not how running a business is supposed to feel.

If you are running your business, hustling the fuck out of it, while feeling too exhausted to do what is truly calling your name, then it’s time to make some shifts in your life and your business.

And that’s exactly what I get to do. Yay shifts!

For any other health coaches or entrepreneurs looking to be a vendor at an expo,

Here’s what I took away from the experience:

·        The number of hours I put in was not worth it for the way I’m feeling after.

·        Vending at expos is not about the money, it’s about the connections. This goes beyond the expo with the mindset piece.

·        Unless you’re selling clothes or jewelry or have a portable kitchen, it’s not worth bringing food to sell.

·        Have a buddy with you, so one of you can go talk to the other vendors. Unfortunately, because I was alone and super busy, I had 0 time to talk to them.

·        There are easier ways to make money and showcase my worth than vending

·        For the past few days, I’ve felt an inner calling screaming at me to start teaching cooking classes. This was reflected back to me by a bunch of the people I connected with. As a result, I have contacted a few places to teach there and get PAID for my time while still fulfilling my intention of sharing my recipes with people. Oh, did I mention it gets to be fun and only take a few hours of my time (including driving)?

          o   One of the people I talked to asked me if I would teach a cooking class to her children and their friends. Yaaaaasssss!!!! It’s already manifesting!!!!

·        I also feel called to connect with restaurants and see if they would want to bring some of my healthy eats as part of their menu. I can bring all the leftover baked goods for them to sample

·        I’m more than simply a weight loss coach. I know that I have been advertising as mainly that, but there is so much deeper below the surface than healthy eating and losing weight.

·        I get to honor my body now and rest.

I hope this serves you to know that you are worth more than what you have put in and received in your business.

You are worth being able to have everything you want while having the energy to do it all.

Keep going. I promise with more trust and patience, everything will continue forming together to be able to manifest the business and life you have dreamed of!

Much love,







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