Lose Weight. No Diets Attached!

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and felt disgusted with your body?

Did you put on your favorite pair of pants and now they are too tight?

Do you feel like one day you eat extremely well, but the next day is full of carbs and cookies?

Are you trying every weight loss plan in the book, but you still end up not losing the weight you desire?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!

I know exactly how you feel. I've been there!

For 21 years, I hated my body.

I was disgusted with myself.

I would look at myself in the mirror, grabbing my fat rolls.

I would call myself fat to my peers almost on a daily basis.

I felt lost. I always wanted to lose weight, but I had no idea how.

I always was pretty active my whole life, but my diet sucked.

It consisted of boxed meals and processed food.

I thought exercise was enough to get me there, but I also had no idea how to exercise properly.

I was weak. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I got to a point where I felt so worthless that everyone around me treated me like such.

I had two choices: Continue to go down the pity party rabbit hole or make a shift and begin losing the weight.

be happy

I chose the latter and it was the best decision of my life! 

I didn't use any diet or weight loss plan.

I simply decided that I wanted to learn how to cook my own food.

I started reading food blogs and right away began cooking their recipes.

I also began training for a half marathon, which I ran the following year.

In one year I managed to lose ~10 lbs on my own, but then I got stuck.

I felt lost again and very discouraged because I hit a plateau.

The half marathon left me with awful shin splints and I thought that was the end of my working out.

This time, I decided to reach out for support.

I hired a personal trainer right out of college.

I had no idea how I was going to fully pay for this, especially with all of the student debt I accumulated.

But I had an internal knowing and trust that this was exactly what I needed.

I knew that I was worthy of receiving support and that the money would come for me to pay for this.

I believed in myself enough to ask for the support and trust this process.

So many of us stay small because we feel we don't deserve support or we can't afford it.

Or we think we can do it ourselves, but we end up wallowing in fear while ultimately, giving up.

It's all a mindset, folks! We choose our priorities and what we spend our money on.

I decided that I am a priority and that I deserve to feel good and love myself.

That's why I created this awesome new Facebook group: Lose Weight. No Diets Attached!

For all the people that are ready to give up, but still have that glimmer of hope.

For all the people that need a helping hand when they feel like everything is against them.

For all the people who want to lose weight, but don't want to try the next fad diet.

And most of all, for all the people that are ready to show up for themselves and love their bodies!

I'm here for you!

I've been in your shoes.

About 3 months into working with my trainer, I was amazed with the results.

Not only was I learning to move my body in ways I never imagined, but my shin splints were gone.

To this day, they have not come back over 4 years later.

I am stronger and more confident than ever.

I lost over 20 more lbs and I have managed to keep it all off.

Best of all, I have manifested an awesome business partner and a wonderful friend who has supported me throughout my journey thus far.

That's what you get in this group.

You get support from me throughout your journey wherever you are at.

You get access to my homemade recipes and cooking demos that I've made over the years that have helped me throughout my journey over the past 5 years.

You get lifestyle tips to keep you going throughout those troubling times through discussions and Facebook Lives.

Last, you get a wonderful community of like-minded people who are ready to transform into their most confident, bad ass selves!

What are you waiting for?! I can't wait to have you as a part of this amazing group!


no diets attached