When you look back at your past and realize you’ve had it all the entire time.

I had everything I could have wanted and felt like I had nothing.

  • A family who loves me

  • A thriving relationship

  • (what I thought was) my dream job

  • A community who supports me

  • An abundance of food, shelter, clothing, and money

With decades of childhood conditioning, I became blind-sighted by it.

I couldn’t see any of it.

I believed life was hard. #strugglebus

I had to prove my worth to people. #desperationstation

I felt nothing I did was ever enough and went beyond my energetic means to prove my worth. #burnout

As I evolved into an adult, all of these illusions started becoming real as I started diving deeper into my shadow side #lowselfworth

I learned how thoughts become things, true or not and the law of attraction is real.

When I started my coaching business, all of these thoughts became my reality.

I felt guilty for having all of my desires by trying so hard to prove myself.

Shortly after, I lost my high paying job, my relationships with everyone fell apart (including myself), my money, and by illusionary purposes, my freedom.

I never felt so alone because I thought I had to do everything myself.

My business was beginning to feel like a bust.

Can I really do this? Deep down, I didn’t trust myself.

I manifested more debt, no money, and hella resentment.

14 months later, I chose to SURRENDER, and ask for help.

What happened was landing a job that has been a direct mirror of how past me has been treating myself!

  • “People are watching. There’s eyes in the back of your head!” #fear

  • Unnecessary amounts of pressure trying to meet certain expectations

  • Solely focused on work making just over broke wages

  • Doing tasks out of obligation to please others

💡 The light bulb went off 💡

I eat a slice of humble pie

Since starting this job, I have wanted to give every single one of my coworkers a giant bear hug.

It made me realize how much my life has been one giant illusion.

Abundance and freedom have been here the whole time.

My life makes so much sense. I feel a huge sigh of relief.

Everything I have created is self-induced and mirrored right back to me.

What I thought I wanted was validation that I’m worthy from everyone.

What I actually want is true, raw, authentic relationships with everything.

I get to be able to relax and know that I am being taken care of without having to go through hoops.

I get to be able to love the fuck out of myself and be accepting of everything that happens.

I get to know that being a hot mess is fucking sexy because I’m okay with being imperfect.

Life is well. Everything is working out for me in my favor.

There is no bad, only good and better.

Nothing is more important to me than putting my health first and valuing every fucking ounce of my time.

It’s beautiful and divine.

This seemingly unideal situation is the best thing that has happened for me because it has reconnected me back to my purpose and take radical responsibility for my energy.

I feel more ready than ever to ignite my fire and create REAL impact that will change millions of lives in the course of my lifetime.

I invite you all in joining forces to make this world a better place and bring every soul back home.

Who’s with me?

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