Is a Picture Worth 1000 Words?

📸 Is a picture really worth 1000 words? 📸

Like the old saying goes, we would capture snapshots to remember key moments at events for generations to come.

As technology has advanced, its come to the point where our social media feeds are full of daily stories of images and videos.

It feels like information overload! 🙈🙉

We want to impress our friends and followers with a picture perfect life.

Is this really what real life looks like?

Instead, we are devaluing the actual moment by trying to show it off in order to feel like our lives are good enough.

We see other people’s lives and feel like we need to be like them. #impostersyndrome

By attempting to to fill your social media profile with every second of your day, you are missing out on key moments of connection while being glued to your phone.

The true reason for photos and videos is to connect with one another.

Our society has taken this idea too far!

We want to be seen and heard.

“I’m Mr. Meeseeks. Look at me!”

What about being in the moment?

Being present is how to be seen and heard.

⭐Looking at the other person in the eyes.

⭐Acknowledging each other’s presence.

⭐Having a real conversation. Face to face.

Breathe. Take a step back. Listen. Speak. Repeat.

Social media will not give the same validation that any authentic conversation will give you.

Try it for one weekend.

Put the phone away and be with the people in front of you.

See how you feel.

Connect to the environment around you.

Feel your surroundings.

Be with your surroundings.

I tried this out over the weekend at Resonance Music and Arts Festival and it blew my fucking mind!

So many like-minded individuals who care about making the world a better place that I won’t find through social media.

The world is your oyster.

Go out there and explore!

PS: This was one of the only pictures taken during the weekend and we were fortunate enough to get a group photo!

Da Resonance Squad