Improving the Mind and Gut Connection

For the past year and a half, I have made a choice to greatly reduce gluten, dairy, and added sugars from my diet.

My whole life, I indulged on junk food.

Whether it was chips and dip, pizza, or any fast food burger joint, it went into my body.

There were no regards for my diet whatsoever.

Junk food was a way for me to cope with the stress that was occurring around family-related matters as a child.

When I felt worthless or powerless about expressing myself freely to my family, I would go to food.

It tasted amazing and there were so many cool looking shapes. I wanted to try it all!

On the contrary, it numbed the feeling of experiencing the moments of pain.

My subconscious, however, remembers the pain of those moments locked up in the middle of my brain.

The more I ate junk food, the more depressed/low self-worth I felt. It was a vicious cycle.

When I was in high school, I started experiencing leaky gut symptoms.

Whenever I ate fatty food, my body was immediately rejecting it.

My body started experiencing inflammation and I started gaining acne on my face.

I was gaining weight and I had never felt so ugly in my life.

I would say “I’m fat!” to like everyone because I didn’t realize the food I was eating was causing me to have mild depression, anxiety, and weight gain.

As I went through college, I got to an all-time high weight due to adding alcohol to the mix.

I was still not dealing with my true feelings within to fully express myself wholefully.

I numbed those feelings by getting as drunk as possible every weekend in college.

Eventually, the depression got so bad that I was having thoughts of suicide.

From the moment I had the first thought, I realized I must change my life immediately or continue the cycle until it’s too late.

When I started to go on a journey of changing my diet and lifestyle in 2012, I started learning how to cook my own food.

I was still cooking with TONS of cheese and I was having a lot of ice cream almost on a daily basis.

I spent most of the weekends sleeping until 2 pm and in the bathroom most of Sunday.

The food was still making me sick and I continued to ignore the symptoms.

I would get coughs and bronchitis multiple times a year.

I had extreme low energy and no desire to do anything with my life.

When I started my corporate job, it felt like I was going through the motions.

I would eat a lot of work treats and hit a plateau with my weight loss.

The cycle continued.

When I attended IIN in 2016, I learned that gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol were a huge culprit to depression, anxiety, leaky gut.

I no longer wanted to live that life anymore. I desired to live the life I always dreamed of and I was ready to do anything to heal my gut.

I knew that I had to make a change that I was denying in my mind for a long time.

With the support of my new friends and mentors, I removed gluten and dairy from my diet completely.

At first, it felt challenging.

It felt like I was restricting myself.

I wouldn’t go out with my friends for a while because I would feel too tempted to eat it.

When I ate it on occasion, I would feel guilty and the leaky gut symptoms would return.

A few of my friends slipped through the cracks as a result of my lifestyle changes.

I highly do not recommend this method because it is just as destructive as eating it.

Do not sacrifice your social life in order to maintain your lifestyle.

It made me feel very lonely and depression crept in again.

Not only that, but my weight became at an unhealthy low.

All the pressure I put on myself to maintain this way of living “perfectly” or I’m not good enough was making me even sicker.

I was feeling low energy and experiencing burnouts.

I felt like I was having a hard time doing the activities that light me up.

Until I decided to allow myself some room for minor indulgences have I improved my relationship with food and my gut.

I have taken the pressure off of myself to have a perfect diet.

There is no such thing as a perfect diet.

I eat food on purpose and I enjoy when I decide to have a cheat meal.

I find fun ways to enjoy my favorite recipes without gluten, dairy, or added sugar.

When I eat this way, I no longer have anxiety about what my food choices are.

The depression I was experiencing has lifted.

In my experiences in my body, I noticed that gluten makes me feel depressed while dairy and sugar cause a great deal of anxiety. All three cause major inflammation in my gut.

When you take foods out of your diet that are no longer serving you, you are able to repair the connection between the mind and the gut.

Your gut will tell you if it doesn’t like the food you’re putting into it. The more you listen, the better your gut feels.

Now that I have learned all of this information over the past 6 years, I get to teach people how to listen to their bodies and eat the foods that nourish them.

I’ve found a healthy weight that works for me that gives me the energy I need to do everything I desire in my lifetime.

Looking to learn more?

I’m starting an 8 week Get Healthy for Summer Challenge on April 23rd!

In this challenge, I teach you healthy ways to repair your gut, gain energy, improve your mood while providing weekly meal plans of how I improve my gut healthy daily.

That includes access to all new, never before seen recipes I’ve been creating!

I will provide weekly live videos with health tips that I’ve used along the way.

In 8 weeks, you will have all the education and tools you need to start and maintain your own journey.

Want more information? Feel free to post your questions in the comments below.

See you on the other side! :)