Guilt is the Ultimate Dream Crusher

Do you have goals or intentions that you’ve set month after month and you seem to fall short every time?

You’re taking all the aligned action (or so you think), but you hit a wall or burnout after each milestone.

You hire the coach, do the trainings, read self-help books, journal, meditate, etc. and it feels like your progress is slow or non-existent.

You think “What am I doing wrong?”

You feel like giving up, shutting everything down, and returning to what life would be like before you started this journey in the first place.

Your family and friends tell you how illogical what you’re doing is and to face the reality.

You constantly share your purpose and share your light of your gift with the utmost excitement and conviction.

However, they ask you to stop talking about it so much because they think it’s all you talk about.


For the past 18 months, this is how I have been running my business.

Not to mention the other 26.5 years of my life that has been built around this mindset.

It’s no wonder I have not been able to sign on a high ticket client.

I have allowed my friend, guilt to steal the show.

Time and time again, I have allowed the opinions of my friends and family dictate the way I share my life’s purpose.

Fear of judgment and rejection show up.

“I’ll be all alone.”

“They will leave me if I don’t stop constantly sharing my deep, psychological expertise about how the human experience works.”

I have felt my light is “too much” for others to handle.

Of course, then I feel guilty for sharing anything.

Given the law of cause and effect, the clients I seek feel guilty for paying me for my extremely valuable life work.

This has been going on under the surface of my passion. Guilt and passion together don’t equate to abundance.

I would do all these launches and trainings that felt deeply uninspired to force people in my space to compensate for my lack of faith.

Anything I did I believed was never enough because I am not earning, so I am not worthy.

This guilt not only sabotaged my business, but I would stay in relationships that were not serving me while advocating taking care of my health.

Guilt crushes dreams, my friends.

Now, my past beliefs have led me back to where it all began: the home unit.

Dealing with unsupportive family members is one of the most damaging experiences a child might endure because it removes their faith and trust before even becoming conscious of it.

Many people continue to live as adults like this.

It’s not your fault.

That’s simply the capacity your parents know how to raise you from what they feel is their highest selves.

You have two choices: become a victim or rise the fuck up!

I’m here to impact as many people as possible to rise the fuck up and take ownership of their lives

If anyone reading this thinks it’s too hard/impossible to change or I’m too much for sharing what I feel needs to be shared, there are two buttons called unfollow or unfriend that you can use at your disposal.

I will do nothing but share my truth in this space.

As unfortunate as it is how these people don’t want to take care of themselves, I’m only available for people who do.

I’m done playing small and dimming my light so who I surround myself with can feel better about their shitty, mediocre lives while running the rat race.

Living at home has been one of the biggest blessings in the least expected way: to get out of my own way and stand unshakable of my values, despite any backlash that comes with it.

I have felt other emotions triggering the guilt as I continue to release it from my being.

I am transforming myself as I fully embody the abundance I truly am.

If you are someone who is living in a less than ideal situation, I am here to support you to find inner peace within the chaos.

Your desires are real and you no longer have to feel guilty for having them.

Your desires and health are your life force.

Your health cannot have a tangible value put on it.

You are so worthy of having it.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself the permission you deserve to live your life.