Food Substitution Blog: Ramen

Ramen has been a childhood and college staple for a long time. Who wouldn't want to get a quick, easy meal for less than a dollar?! Do you feel like Ramen is satisfying while you're eating it, but leaves you starving afterwards? I used to eat that stuff at least on a weekly basis before I realized the havoc it was causing to my body. All of that MSG left my brain craving the stuff and all the genetically modified oils and wheat left my stomach bloated. Not to worry, it is very easy to make yourself and you can include whole grain noodles like soba noodles or use vegetable noodles. You can really get creative here! It's up to you how you want to customize your soup for optimal deliciousness. Now you can feel full and satisfied with two delicious recipes! Have the whole house smelling like beautiful childhood memories with my Vegan Ramen and my Pork Belly Ramen!

instant lunch.JPG