Food Substitution Blog: Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?! People eat this for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. It’s become such a staple of our lives, especially in social settings. You see pizza everywhere. At a restaurant, a festival, a sports game, or after a night out at the bars are just some of the prime examples of where you see pizza being sold. We as a whole are consuming a shit ton of pizza. It can be made in so many different ways. There’s breakfast pizzas, dessert pizzas, meaty pizzas, fried pizzas. Hell, even put ice cream on a pizza! The combinations are endless for creativity. This sounds amazing, right?! Yeah, it may be fun to celebrate the Cubs winning in baseball with pizza, but how does it make your body feel? Typically, we do not feel so good. Especially, while we also wash it all down with some alcohol. It’s so easy to pack on a ton of pounds on while eating the carby stuff. The worst part is, we end up craving more carbs (like sweets) and the endless cycle keeps going.

What if I told you that now you can eat your pizza AND lose weight while eating it? Yes, that’s right!! With Redefining All Diets, I have made two delicious recipes that not only retain the quality of your classic pizza, but they are packed with veggies, nutrients, and will keep you plenty full without the guilt. Check out my classic homestyle veggie pizza as well as a gluten and dairy free pizza with homemade vegan pesto!


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