Follow Your Dreams

We are each born on this planet with a unique purpose.

As we grow, we subconsciously get conditioned based on the environment of our friends, family, peers, etc.

This could either be beneficial or detrimental towards our goals.

We have a built in blueprint of the direction of our lives.

Why do we go astray if the path is already known at birth?

Our brains are not fully developed at this time.

We are like sponges.

According to the CDC, the first 8 years of life are the foundation for learning, health, and success.

Were you raised from nurturing parents or abusive, neglectful parents?

Even if they were there physically, were they emotionally supportive?

This will have long term effects on life and success of the child depending on how the parents fostered a healthy environment.

Take my life for example.

Every day, I walked on eggshells until the moment I left for college.

I always waited for something bad to happen.

I didn’t know any better.

My parents were stressed with their own shit and weren’t able to give their full attention.

Life turned into a game of survival mode.

In order to survive, it meant hiding my feelings in order to avoid being punished.

If I shared my feelings that were different from my parents, I would be shamed.

I was told on a regular basis that I am selfish if I choose to cater to my own wants and needs first.

In order to receive love, it had to be earned.

I learned to act the way my parents wanted me to act.

Even if it was against my integrity, I still attended family events full of people that I have absolutely nothing in common with.

I never wanted to say how I truly felt to my family because a lot of it would hurt their feelings.

My boundaries were constantly overstepped.

Feeling drained became normal.

I learned that love was about sacrifice and to make others happy first.

“Success comes from working hard.”

“Only the people in the lucky sperm club have access to riches.”

“You can’t always get what you want.”

My parents would repeat these lines like a broken record.

I made up this crazy, limiting idea that I am only worthy of love if follow the expectations of others who deeply care about me.

From them on, became about seeking external validation.

I never trusted myself.

My dreams were dying because I was told that work needs to be my main priority before anything else.

Instead of tackling my dreams, I learned to take care of everyone else.

I was afraid to stand up to the manipulation and control.

I desperately wanted to receive love, so I put my own values on the back burner.

I did exactly what my parents wanted me to do, earning tons of money from a stable, high-paying, soul-sucking corporate job.

I ignored the universal nudges to stop and became sicker by the day.

It was not until I got laid off from my corporate job did I take my life more seriously.

I needed to reevaluate what my own values are because I didn’t want to live a life full of resentment.

In order to make this happen, I had to make shifts in my priorities.

I realized how work and money oriented I became, which sucked the joy out of life’s real beauties.

Working hard does not equate to more worth.

Real fulfillment comes from living a life full of authenticity and integrity.

It’s not easy because those who once knew me as bending over backwards for them would be hearing me say “no”.

Boundaries are essential for staying sane in this lifetime.

Setting boundaries is healthy and the greatest form of self-respect.

Nobody is obligated to do anything except for what lights their soul on fire.

My health and well-being are what really matter.

My mission shifted to seeking soulful connections with real human beings.

I cannot do anything from an empty cup.

I began breaking old patterns, which took me on a different life path from being the old corporate, desk jockey.

I started a wellness coaching business to help others be able to take their health back.

Taking better care of my health has led to more energy and a more balanced life.

Slowing down to smell the flowers brings more peace than working hard.

Relaxation is part of the process.

Participating in activities that get me out of my head provide me with a safe space to express myself in ways I never learned how to with words.

This is the key to living a life beyond my wildest dreams.

It may not be the magical, fairy-tale life (yet), but I will continue to achieve my dreams as long as I never give up.

Trust the magic of the universe working out as life slowly transforms the nonphysical into physical reality.

Source: CDC

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