Flip It

Do you have desires, but feel like they are impossible to reach?

Are following the mold of what someone else wants for you because you feel like you need their approval?

I'm here to tell you that it's time to start saying no to what no longer serves you and saying yes to your desires!

You are 100% capable and 100% worthy of achieving your desires and living the life of your dreams. All it takes is a mindset shift to release what is no longer serving you.

You don't need anyone's permission to start living your dreams.

The time to start is right now! Saying no doesn't have to be difficult.

Our minds create chaos from past experiences that affect how we see the present.

This is why it can be so fearful to speak our truth and live from a place of authenticity.

Saying no can be scary, especially if it's to our blood family, but it is so freeing.

It's out of our comfort zone because we have been molded by our families to see reality a certain way.

As we leave the nest and see reality for ourselves independently, we begin to get a sense of self and learn what in our past no longer serves us.

Over the weekend, I came out and told my family about how my IT job is no longer serving me and how I have started this health coaching business.

This was something I've been afraid to do because of feeling like I'm not supported by them.

Newsflash, you don't need anyone else's support to follow your dreams as long as you are supporting them!

The support will come from others as a reflection of your support on yourself.

This is something that took me basically the entire year at IIN to come out and realize, but I am so happy to understand this concept.

We get conditioned to have the same beliefs as our family, which can block us from finding our own desires.

Things like "Who am I to take money from people", being afraid of failure, and guilt for stepping out of the mold are a few examples of what showed up for me while starting this business.

When I moved out of my parents' house, it's the first time I saw who I really was as a person to realize that my IT job no longer served me.

Throughout the program at IIN, their stories of lack mentality that I have gone to believe my whole life kept showing up and I would wonder why I would consistently burn out.

I would push myself to the ground to feel like I'm good enough to do this and feel supported.

Obviously this didn't work because I wasn't truly supporting myself.

In my group class, we had a discussion on emotions a few weeks ago, and the biggest "ah ha" moment for me was knowing that I am not my parents story.

I am not their emotions. I am not their lack.

I had unconsciously taken in all of their guilt, shame, etc. and have been carrying it around with me for my whole life.

Can I get a big "Eff that?!"

I played a little game called "flip it" where I take all the stories and flip it to say "I am supported." "I am allowed to earn for my great work." "I am creating a life beyond my wildest dreams." "I love and accept myself where I am at in my journey."

I release myself from these stories that no longer serve me to open the door to more joy.

I no longer have their stories affect me because I am in full alignment with this business.

Doing this has allowed me to follow my purpose to create the exciting life I choose as being a health coach.

When we start supporting ourselves in what we truly want to do, we can begin to see the world open up in ways that we least expect it.

What are your desires? How are you saying yes to your dreams today? Comment below! I'd love to hear your stories and desires!