Connecting to my Deepest Inner Desires

What have I wanted to dive deeper into? I’ve been so fortunate and thankful to have this time to be able to sit and reflect on my true desires. I spent my entire life thinking about what I wanted and that was it. I thought I would eventually get there by going as hard as I could, striving to be the best. But there was something missing. It’s so obvious and so not at the same time. As we are children, we are told to act and behave a certain way, which gets in the way of being able to connect to our true desires and feel those feelings authentically. As a recovering perfectionist, I felt like I had to push myself to feel like I could make things happen, and they were not happening. I would burn out over and over again and feel like the world out to get me. But it’s not. I perceived it that way based on my past and fear of future situations.

The missing piece I’ve been longing for is connection. Feeling what it’s like to have everything you truly want without anything standing in your way. Believing it is possible is the key to this all being able to happen. I was so in my head from trying to run through my list of to-do items to escape from what I was truly feeling. It’s such a destructive pattern and knowing that it is possible to shift my perspective is something I want to help my clients shift as well. Feeling connected to your desires is so important to being able to live the life you always dreamed of in your head. This is because we are living for the present moment and BEING. This is when the pressure of time is off. Our minds aren’t focused on what needs to get done a week or a month from now. When we focus on what is going on in front of us, we are truly living. This is when magic can start to happen. All the crazy synchronicities you hear about all over the media? It’s not crazy magic. It’s real, mind, body, connected, spiritually aligned actions that made those happen. They accept all emotions and let them flow through, as they are all important parts of our lives. We can’t numb the bad feelings, like some of us might do because this is what takes us away from our whole selves and makes us suffer. When we accept the more difficult feelings, this is how we grow and expand as human beings from a place of inspiration and compassion. If you were to allow yourself to let go of what is holding you back and be fully free, how would that feel? How would it feel to have those synchronicities happen to you? How would it feel to have everything you have always desired? It is completely possible for this to happen. We just have to believe in ourselves and trust that it’s already happening. How would that feel? Take some time to sit down, put on some chill music, and write it out. See how it makes you feel. Let me know what comes up for you!

I’ve been doing so much connecting to my desires lately. It’s been making me feel so abundant, light, and joyful. I wanted to take the time to write and reflect on what I truly want to feel more connected to.  If I had everything I desired, how would it make me feel? First of all, most of us don’t even know what we want, so we can’t even ask for it. This is huge if you want to get what you want. How do I want to feel? I want to feel connected to my inner guide and out of my head. That gives me the feeling of presence and seeing life for its true beauty. Feeling present is what gives us connection. We are truly there being able to fully perceive what the other person is saying. Being in my head causes chaos and no longer serves me. Being present allows me to feel like I’m fully connecting with the person and not thinking about what I’m going to say next. I can make conscious, aligned actions instead of fear based reactions. My nature is to feel light, energetic, and abundant. Feeling light is playful. When I am in this state, I can create the best type of recipes and relationships. I feel like I am a kid creating its sandcastle of art. I feel like the pressure is off. I believe that I have all that I want. I let the Universe co-create with me.  Not only does it improve my relationships with people, but it does to music. I can fully hear the words, and feel the beats of the music in my heart. I can feel what the songwriter felt while creating the song. I feel love and joy in the music. I feel like I can lose myself and feel like I’m melting. Time does not exist. One huge “ah ha!” moment I had recently was that we perceive time faster with our thoughts thinking more. When I am truly present, I am focused on what brings me joy every day in order to manifest more of that. I can connect to the feeling of having paying clients wanting to work with me making true connections to themselves for life lasting shifts. When I am easy on myself, life can do its work for me. I can sit back, relax, and cook my favorite meal. Life is my playground and I am the creator making the awesomeness happen. This is how coaching feels to me. It brings out the kid wanting to connect with others and help serve others to find theirs. Coaching has given me a sense of gratitude and desire to do more with my life than sit behind a desk all day. It allows me to feel free and abundant. Like I can make all the money I desire to do all the things I’ve ever wanted. How would that feel? Fucking amazing. Having financial freedom is one of the biggest blessings in life especially doing it with something I love. This allows me to feel like my life is in flow. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that have led me to this moment. Coaching makes me feel fulfilled because I get to serve others while at the same time continuing to learn and expand on myself. I’ve realized that each person mirrors us in some way, so different people can help us learn things about ourselves we never saw. Bringing the darkness to light makes me feel accomplished. It may seem scary for people to do this, but it’s what has made me grow as a person to bring me here. I am breaking out of my comfort zone and it feels so right. I get to be a light for others in the time of darkness because I am embracing who I truly am. I bring joy to people’s days and watch them shift with a sense of ease to see the light we truly all are. After all, we came from complete darkness into the light of consciousness, so connecting to that feeling reminds me of what I really am in those moments of weakness. I am the light that looks at the world every day.  I am connected to people who have not even met me yet that are looking for me. There are not enough coaches in the world and there are an abundant amount of people that would love to pay for my help! This makes me feel supported. We were supported by our parents as babies, which is still our childlike nature now. When I am able to truly let go, I can feel the support of everything working with me. Ideas come to my mind with ease. I flow through my writing. I work out without feeling any physical pain and get stronger every day. Knowing all of this, I can come back to this place at any time when I have a moment of darkness. This is how I can continue to heal myself and my clients.

This writing has felt so good. I feel so connected to what my heart truly wants. I feel so aligned. Everything including my vision seems so much clearer. I feel my third eye opening, which made me think of some amazing affirmations as I’ve been writing this.

I am always expanding my consciousness.

I am already living my dream.

I have a miraculous life.

I am a miracle of light.

I am fully supported by the Universe of my desires.

When I am in a state of joy, more joy comes to me.

I flow through life with ease.

I am fully abundant in every way.

I am being lead to something greater if what I planned did not happen.

I fully accept myself as I am; wholefully and joyfully.

I have access to this state of being all the time.

I release what has been holding me back and forgive myself for it.

I am a magnet for miracles.

I hope you all do this exercise as well. Please let me know how you feel. I would love to hear any shifts you had while doing this time. Are you looking to make conscious, spiritually aligned shifts that last a lifetime? Contact me and I would love to help you feel your best today!