Am I A Fraud?

I love being a health coach! I’ve received such wonderful opportunities to meet amazing, like minded souls!

I was a vendor at an expo for the first time and I loved every minute of it. I felt like I was in my element by teaching people about how our food choices affect our body and mind, while sharing my delicious baking!

As a bonus, I made a bit of extra cash for spending a day having fun connecting with others.

Now, I get to do more of these! I even manifested another opportunity in January!

Although everything seems fine and dandy on the surface level, there is a lot of deeper diving that I have uncovered.

First of all, I teach and write on how amazing I feel and all this energy I have with the way I’m eating. That’s not how I’m feeling.

Sure, I have kept the weight off with ease. However, I have sensitivity to gluten and I have been taking it very lightly.

I haven’t been listening to my body, and as a result, it makes me feel bloated and fatigued for days.

I talk about how amazing the 10 day detox I’ve done multiple times is.

It reduced inflammation and toxicity in my body by removing inflammatory foods from my diet. However, it leaves me feeling weak and exhausted after.

I don’t fully listen to my body, and I burn out. I give into temptations and the guilt sets in.

Sometimes, I feel like “How can I teach this stuff and I don’t even fully follow what I’m saying.”

Am I a fraud? Or is it the need to be perfect all the time to feel like I’m walking my talk?

The fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety come in. Constant judgment and reactions become the norm.

How can I accept others as they are if I consistently judge myself every time I eat a cheat meal?

I food police myself and others and that’s no form of unconditional love at all.

It’s like I’m the same fat person I was before on the inside, but with a thinner body on the outside.

I could keep going down the rabbit hole, but that won’t get me anywhere.

The point of all of this is that I’m not perfect and I strive for it, which leaves me judging myself and others when I “slip.”

It leaves me feeling worthless and the clients I attract show for it.

I have been recovering from it and I accept myself where I am at in my journey.

I even thought of some affirmations for the occasion.

  • I am so proud of myself for doing all the inner work and showing up every day.
  • I get to use this as an opportunity to listen to my body even more because I love my body and all it’s done for me!
  • I choose to no longer eat food that no longer serves me.
  • I get to trust my body and intuition that it is leading me in the right direction
  • I eat what makes me feel energized and happy.
  • I allow myself the freedom to eat foods that make me feel grounded and light me up.
  • I love and accept myself for not being perfect.
  • It is safe to teach others where I am at right now.
  • I love my body and show it with confidence!
  • I know more than I realize and the value of what I have to offer is worthy of compensation.
  • I respect and accept other people’s food choices, even though they aren’t aligned to mine.
  • I forgive myself for all that I have judged and sincerely apologize if I ever offended you with something I said.
  • The lessons I learn from these experiences is what I get to teach on.
  • I embrace my lifestyle in confidence, even though I don’t fully do this yet.
  • I get to take my clients on my journey with me.

And now I get to take you too!

Come on a 6 or 12 week journey with me and I assure you that it will be the best decision you make this holiday season!