Eat delicious foods guilt-free! Forget about those diets that eliminate everything you ever loved about eating. Redefining All Diets will change the way you look at changing the way you eat. Enjoy great new recipes targeted to help you meet your personal weight or fitness goals.

Rachel Duxler is transforming clients' lives with personal, one-on-one coaching through Redefining All Diets. Her Redefining All Diets program consists of 12 sessions: 50-minutes each, two sessions per month, over six months. Meet with Rachel every other week to gain new information and confidence to make real, lasting change.

Get the support you need to make healthy, life-changing choices with expert guidance, heart-felt encouragement, and clear accountability. Much of your journey on this program occurs outside of one-on-one sessions as you get guidance to integrate new habits into your everyday life.

The program includes access for questions or support directly to Rachel by phone, text or email.


Learn some new tricks and recipes in your own kitchen.

Schedule a home cooking session with holistic health coach Rachel. Get hands-on help to make a delicious and healthy meal in your own.


Tackle the tricks of identifying the healthiest options with a grocery shopping session.

Rachel will walk you through the grocery store aisles showing you how to read labels, where to look for more nutritional foods (hint: they aren’t usually at eye level!) and how to put together your shopping list for success.


Get a pantry makeover!

Let Rachel personally help you clear out your kitchen to identify unhealthy culprits and set yourself up to meet your goals and then some. Reorganizing the cupboards and fridge can make all the difference when you want to keep healthy snacks and options in easy reach without old habits lurking in the shelf shadows.

Whether you want to take off a few pounds or get back on track with your fitness habits, Rachel will help guide you to the best solutions for you and your body.

Personal and in-home sessions with Rachel are available for clients on Chicago’s North Shore, including Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Northbrook, Glenview, Winnetka, Kenilworth and more.Phone and Skype/Zoom sessions are available to all clients, regardless of location.Evening and weekend appointments available.

Make an extraordinary commitment to your health and wellness.